MT Solutions


– Strategic planning for corporate development, fund raising, pre-IPO restructuring
– Financial consulting for improvement of business performance
– Mindfulness coaching to prepare top executives in meeting the perpetual current of change (To learn more, please visit

Aimed at:

– Improve margins and bottom line profit
– Streamline and simplify processes
– Increase management’s responsiveness to the changing business environment
– Manage corporate and business risk
– Transform finance operating model
– Sharpening performance management framework


As the leader of your organization, you probably already know whether certain functions within your organization are not meeting your performance expectations. It is also likely that you have already identified issues that you want to address, such as increasing costs, high head-counts, slow execution of routine activities, falling competitiveness, reduced customer loyalty or a lack of meaningfully detailed information to support your decision making.

Most SMEs cannot or will not afford the salary of an expensive full time CFO, but now, through MT Consulting, you can take advantage of a level of expertise previously unavailable. Whether it be capital raising, restructuring, exit and succession or just plain financial management advice, our advisors are ready to be your VIRTUAL CFO and assist you in any way, in your way.

Successful business outcomes are only achieved through effective strategic planning, strong financial support and delegated talent who continuously strive for operational excellence, managing risks and balancing compliance with effectiveness.

Our offer is to be your independent and trusted advisor to help you drive improvement in the organization, reduce the burden upon your management and employees, and will bring experiences and methods with a risk balanced approach. Focus will be on enhancing operational effectiveness and realign processes, structures, controls and functions with your business objectives.



You are well aware of your business objectives, you know what is important to your business and you know where you want to bring your organizations up to. However, laying down a realistic plan to define what you must achieve in three to five years time is not as easy as it sounds like. One of the most difficult parts is to determine what and who is accountable for a successful plan. Strategic Planning is a continuous process of helping you to:

– Determine where you are
– Identify what is important
– Define what you must achieve
– Determine what is accountable
– Review, review, review


There are increasing requirements on financial reporting standards to meet the needs of various business stakeholders. There is also increasing competition in the market that drive for efficiency. The increasing need to focus capital and resources on meeting competition has often meant that there is little time to devoted to internally improve processes, competitiveness and margins. However, if you are not continuously improving your internal processes and performance, then this may potentially inhibit your ability to compete, grow and strengthen over the long term.


What underpinning performance improvement capabilities are the strengths and skills in day-to-day operations, management and strategic decision making.  People therefore is the key of success for continuous improvement of performance in the ever changing business world. Mindfulness leads to the ability to make adaptive decisions about handling difficult and problematic situations as they arise, as well as increased enjoyment of all challenging experiences.


1. Monthly Guidance and Advice focusing on
– Strategic Review
– Profitability Improvements

2. Specific Project
– Strategic Planning
– Mindfulness Coaching
– Exit and Succession Planning
– Fund Raising
– Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeover
– Sounding Board
– Organizational Structure


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