About Us

The Principal Consultant 首席顾问



  • Over 30 years of financial management experience in large multinational corporations; 30多年大型跨国企业财务管理经验;
  • FO, Company Secretary, and Executive Director for a Hong Kong-listed IT services group; 16年为一香港上市的IT服务集团当集团CFO, 公司秘書及執行董事;
  • Experienced in handling multiple pre-IPO company reorganizations and IPO applications; 曾经处理多个上巿前公司改组及上巿申请工作;
  • Been through different corporate development cycles, including start-ups, transformation, going public, expansion, and integration, etc.; 经历企业发展的不同周期,包括創业、转型、上市、擴张及整合等等;
  • Strong network of investors, including investment banks, private equity funds, family investment trust funds, etc.; 良好的投資人纲络, 包括投資銀行,私募基金,家族投資信托基金等等;
  • Good professional advisory network, including financing consultants, Big Four international accounting firms, local and overseas lawyers, investor relations consultants, tax advisors, appraisers, etc., emphasizing cost-effectiveness in completing development projects and tasks; 良好的专业顾问纲络, 包括融资顾问, 国际四大会计師行, 本地及海外律师, 投资关系顾问, 税务顾问, 估值師等等, 重视成本效益前提下完成發展項目及工作;
  • Focus on practical results, skilled in working in a multicultural environment, providing financial strategies, cost control, and technical solutions to help the company achieve business and profit targets; 注重實效,熟练在多元文化環境工作,提供財务策略,成本控制及技術方案,促成公司迖到业務及盈利目標;
  • Values building efficient team relationships, promoting teamwork to achieve work goals. 重視建立高效率团队关系,促进团队合作迖成工作目標。




Corporate Financing 企业融资

  • Developing long-term financing plans制订有长远规划的融资方案
  • Helping companies resolve capital chain issues协助企业解决资金链的问题
  • Effectively selecting the appropriate financing tools to raise funds for business development有效地選用合適的融资工具为企业筹集发展业务的资金

Financial Competitiveness Strategy Formulation 财务竞争力策略制定

  • Design of corporate portfolio models, financial accounting systems, cost accounting systems, internal control systems, operational profit center systems, corporate capital planning, investment plan evaluation, business strategy planning

Corporate Restructuring and Integration 企业改组及整合

  • Utilizing asset restructuring, debt restructuring, and equity restructuring to optimize the corporate asset structure, liability structure, and ownership structure, to fully utilize existing resources and achieve optimal resource allocation
    运用资产重组、负债重组和产权重组方式 ,优化企业资产结构、负债结构和产权结构 ,以充分利用现有资源,实现资源优化配置

Mergers and Acquisitions 收购合并

  • Looking for suitable business partners or targets, handling mergers and acquisitions or sales寻找合适业务伙伴或目标,処理收购合并或出售
  • Participating in decision-making in various aspects of the negotiation process, such as transaction price, transaction form, and financing methods
  • Designing transitional financing schemes for acquisition actions为收购行动设訂过渡性融资方案
  • Assisting companies in obtaining approvals from relevant regulatory authorities协助公司取得有关监管机构的批准




  • Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (FCCA)